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DTH connection Online – Enjoy Entertainment Immensely

Buy your DTH Connection online and enjoy entertainment immensely. Direct to Home or DTH is the most disruptive technological innovation that altered the course of Media and Entertainment Industry.

Buy DTH connection Online

Why DTH Connection?

The most common question in India till now why DTH Connection and how it is much more superior to a local cable TV? That question is still asking by most of the Indian’s.

Direct to Home represent DTH. It is a direct satellite transmission to home. DTH combines of a small Dish Antenna along with one receiver called Set Top Box (STB).

Basic technology is that, satellite beam transmitted from Dish and that beam decoded by STB to show the video and audio output to the users.

DTH has removed the third party like our old school cable operator. There is direct interaction with the buyer and seller.

DTH can provide superior quality of Picture and Sound as we called HD. If you compare the quality with the local cable operator viewers can easily identify the differences.

Almost 700 channels are available nowadays in DTH. Multiple TV connectivity through one Dish Antenna is an innovation made by DTH providers.

In remote places where cable cannot be reach and thus the DTH is coming in picture. In DTH Dish Antenna can be mounted on the roof top or Balcony or a window. Customers can easily enjoy his/her favourite programs on TV.

DTH also provide interactive services like movie on demand, TV series and much more.

Now coming to the cost part. Most of the people think that DTH is mostly high cost compare to Cable TV. But, after the introduction of CAS (Conditional Access System) by the government cost of Cable TV was increased and it is parallel to DTH.

From the MSO side, they totally depend on the local Cable Operator and these guys are allegedly under-report the actual number of subscriber bases as because they have to pay a certain percentage to the MSOs.

MSOs were highly dependent on the local operator and they are making huge losses along with the broadcasters. This issue leads to implement DTH in India for the better benefit to the broadcaster as well as end-users by giving direct access and tariff benefits.

In DTH there is less possible chance of connectivity issue. Customers can enjoy interactive items provide by the DTH company.

Monthly packages are now a days more advance and cost friendly compare to Cable TV. Customers are now using rather switches from Cable TV to DTH platform.

We have seen an exponential growth during pandemic and customers are more incline towards DTH.

The online payment option made the DTH more flexible for the customers and the most important part is service. DTH companies are much more effective when comes to service to its customers, compare to local Cable Operator.

DTH expansion is majorly increase in the rural and small towns. Majority of the DTH connections are installed in the rural and small town.

Customers are so much concern about the quality and service. DTH platform enables HD channels variety with HD STB to create a premium quality picture and sound to its end users.

And the rate is much more affordable in India if you compare with local Cable TV.

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