Direct to Home, DTH, is on the cusp of new normal after COVID. Before that, something strange happened during the pandemic. When the entire country was under lockdown, DTH witnessed a silent transformation. All the DTH companies experienced account reactivation wave. There was a deluge of frantic calls at call centres by customers urging to make their account live again!

None of the companies had anticipated this tipping point. While a few managed it successfully, some faltered. Dish TV and d2h were in the former category. Now when the unlock process has started in the country, the economic engine is turning the corners, people are learning to adapt to new normal. In this era, technology will be at the forefront, like it was never before.

We, at onlinedthstore, have evolved our process of installing dish TV new connection & D2H new installations. Our staff who visits your premises, residential or commercial, operates as per the protocols developed keeping hygiene and safety precautions.

In comparison to our competitors, Dish TV rates are affordable. Our activation team is aptly backed by customer care department to handle your queries. Onlinedthstore offers you the best DTH services in the town. We activate fresh DTH connection in stipulated time so that you can enjoy watching your favourite channels.

Direct to home has revolutionized television viewing. While in other sectors, the penetration is higher in metro and cities, more than 70% of DTH connections are in rural and small towns of India. More and more people are watching DTH these days. As per the data, there are approximately 130 million DTH enabled homes in the country. In a short span, DTH has occupied the pole position in educating and creating awareness in tier 2 towns and deep interiors of the country.

DTH, content aggregator platform, sources content from various channels and presents to the viewers. Dish TV and D2h are one of the top content providers in the country. Their content is as wide and deep as an ocean. DTH HD channels catapult viewing to the next level.

As against the general perception, HD DTH prices are now very competitive as a result, one can afford to go for it. Therefore, contact us at Onlinedthstore and ask for HD set-top box for cable tv for your home or office and remain connected to the world.

Happy DTHing!!  


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